Birkin Basket

Birkin Basket

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Inspired by the basket bag the Jane Birkin carried during the 60's and 70's, our handcrafted basket bags are made sustainably by artisans with natural cane in Portugal. Each basket bag has an attached lid that can rotate on and off.

Approximate Measurements

Petite - 6" to the lid, 10.5" with handle (6.5" wide)
Mini - 7" to the lid, 11" with handle (7" wide)
Medium - 7.25" to the lid, 12.5" with handle (8" wide)
Original - 10" to the lid, 16" with handle (10.5" wide)

Please note that due to the handcrafted nature of our basket bags, slight imperfections may occur - because of this, no two baskets are identical in size and shape. Color may vary. 

All orders are final sale. 

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photos by @giasalvaggio, @frijolito_lindo, @lebirkinbasket and found via Pinterest